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Virtual Candle
:redc: semanyty, alaho myso the mode erasy miolty :smallc:
Name: Mysymo
Date: 31 Oct 23 04:59am
Virtual Candle
:candle: :smallc: :smallc: :redc:
Name: Kd
Date: 13 Oct 23 07:53am
Virtual Candle
A crucifix ring from Jesus Christ amen from Chelsea
Name: Chelsea Redgwell
Date: 09 Oct 23 06:45pm
Virtual Candle
Praying for pain-free ankle and knee joints and strength to walk without a cane.
Name: Beatrice
Date: 04 Sep 23 02:15am
Virtual Candle
:2c: :2c: :2c: :2c:
for the blessings of God on all my Godly honest plans amen amen amen !!!
Name: Myself
Date: 25 Aug 23 05:06pm
Virtual Candle
:crystalc: :crystalc: :crystalc:
~for the beloved and holy memory of Istvan~
with eternal love Monika
and your mother amen amen amen
Name: Monika
Date: 25 Aug 23 04:14pm
Virtual Candle
:crystalc: :rsc: :crystalc: :rsc: :crystalc:
For the blessing, goodness, good health, happyness, wealth, strength, prosperity, godliness, protection of Julianna I's mother with his and my love and thanksgiving on her unconditionally for God's Glory amen amen amen!
Name: God's Servant
Date: 23 Aug 23 06:23pm
Virtual Candle
:crystalc: :crystalc: :crystalc: :crystalc:
For God's Glory and for all my prayers' imminent succes and for urgent fall of enemies amen amen amen !!!
Total destruction on the dishonest political and religious persons in the country where I was born with God's help amen amen amen!!!
Name: .monika.
Date: 23 Aug 23 06:20pm
Virtual Candle
Lord, for my brother's strong and good health, job security, prosperity, honesty, be avoided by wicked and evil, well being, promotion, security of all types, all the time protection of yours and psalm 91 on him and his everyday of his life amen amen amen!!!
Name: M.m.
Date: 08 Aug 23 05:58pm
Virtual Candle
Lord, keep us the good from all evil anywhere in the world oppress their power amen!
Name: Monika
Date: 08 Aug 23 05:51pm
Virtual Candle
Eternal blessing, forgiveness, deliverance, salvation, good health, prosperity, security, love, protection under Ps. 91, 11 for I's mother Julianna (19/09/43) with all our love and gratitude unto her on my behalf with I eternally thank you very much for everything for her and for You Lord amen amen amen!
Name: M.-i.
Date: 07 Aug 23 08:30am
Virtual Candle
i pray for health and peace and company for my future
Name: Mike
Date: 18 Jul 23 09:08pm
Virtual Candle
Long Hair
Name: Dan
Date: 29 May 23 12:45am
Virtual Candle
to get long hair and to get rid of pimples
Name: Dan
Date: 08 May 23 06:36pm
Virtual Candle
Thank you Blessed Spirit for help g me to obtain the perfect apartment in the city. I am so grateful to you. All is well.
Name: David
Date: 01 May 23 08:37am
Virtual Candle
:2c: for my boss to don't came to the office today and for me to don't show any sign of sleepness or don't even close the eyes for sleepness
Name: Quique_el22
Date: 28 Apr 23 02:10pm
Virtual Candle
please be fine
Name: Bym
Date: 31 Mar 23 10:09am
Virtual Candle
per la fine della guerra
Name: Leegreen
Date: 03 Mar 23 01:31pm
Virtual Candle
Mijn vrouw
Name: A.a. De Tree
Date: 22 Feb 23 02:07pm
Virtual Candle
Get well soon
Name: Sruthy
Date: 23 Jan 23 09:37am

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