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Virtual Candle
on god help save us from corona virus
Name: Puaa
Date: 26 Mar 20 08:55pm
Virtual Candle
Please God keep him safe
Name: James
Date: 18 Mar 20 04:19pm
Virtual Candle
Thank you
Name: Mark
Date: 18 Mar 20 01:50pm
Virtual Candle
Thank you bus in spirit for the miracle of higher consciousness and total healing for my father. All is well.
Name: Dave
Date: 09 Mar 20 06:37pm
Virtual Candle
Thank you
Name: Testing
Date: 30 Jan 20 06:11pm
Virtual Candle
Made Amigos the World's first AI-powered Social Network.
Name: Amagi
Date: 12 Jan 20 01:35pm
Virtual Candle
for Today, in Thanksgiving
Name: Joel
Date: 06 Jan 20 01:18am
Virtual Candle
Thanks for everything
Name: For Dad And Martin
Date: 27 Dec 19 04:56pm
Virtual Candle
You're the brightest stars in the heavens
Name: Lisa Marie And James
Date: 27 Dec 19 04:55pm
Virtual Candle
Thank you blessed spirit for your guidance, support, encouragement and inspiration from my fatherâ's higher consciousness and four is complete and total cleansing, purify, rejuvenating, regenerating, healing, strengthening and protection in mind body spirit now and henceforth. All is well. Thank you thank you thank you.
Name: Aldo
Date: 26 Dec 19 09:40pm
Virtual Candle
:crystalc: :rsc: :2c:
Name: Lul
Date: 12 Dec 19 04:24pm
Virtual Candle
:candle: :crystalc: :2c: Thank GOD for everything
Name: Vadim
Date: 11 Oct 19 11:55pm
Virtual Candle
Name: Fxbx
Date: 13 Sep 19 10:50pm
Virtual Candle
I pray for wisdom to heal and see into The past, interpret the present and guide us gently into the future with purpose
Name: Tarry
Date: 03 Aug 19 04:37am
Virtual Candle
Love and light to all
Name: Paula
Date: 31 Jul 19 08:56pm
Virtual Candle
Please take care of my mother Iris Palmer God.
Name: Bridget Gatewood
Date: 22 Jul 19 07:58am
Virtual Candle
rest in peace grand pa
Name: Rajaiah
Date: 17 Jun 19 03:40pm
Virtual Candle
help me
Name: Tiya
Date: 13 Jun 19 02:21pm
Virtual Candle
Blessings for everyone. Peace to all.
Name: Lynne
Date: 18 May 19 05:15pm
Virtual Candle
zdrave zdrave
Name: E
Date: 16 May 19 02:32pm

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